What will Kenneth Kinney be watching?


I've been watching a LOT of screens. News updates for a little while, but now anything to distract me and my family, or to try to pretend everything is OK. Notice, I used the word screens. That's new for me. We're swapping tablets, phones and televisions depending on the show or the "content." God, I hate the word content.

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I've noticed my own habits haven't changed per se, as much as they have accelerated to something I assumed was inevitable. More streaming, almost no broadcast or cable—and anything from those sources is timeshifted. And no, I'm sitting out the Jordan doc. Less traditional TV has relieved me from the onslaught of brands standing with me during these uncertain times. Something to be thankful for.

I reached out to Kenneth Kinney who has been mastering video media and a leader in addressable television advertising since before I knew it was possible. He is VP of Marketing and Digital Strategy at Ai Media Group and he has a vision for how the current state of things will lead to changes in a broad collection of industries that contribute to and benefit from the content we consume.


You can get a pretty rough AI generated transcript here: http://adampierno.com/what-will-kenneth-kinney-be-watching/ while booking Adam for your next event.