Apr 27, 2021 • 39M

Ben Perreira is learning through repetition

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Adam Pierno brings in guests to dissect events in culture, art, politics, business, sports and beyond to discuss the strategy driving it.
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How often do you look back at your old work? A funny thing happened during the recording of this episode. My guest, Ben Perreira began describing something he had done earlier in his career and made an off-hand joke about a decision he made. But we continued to discuss, and he arrived at an insight about what he learned from that experience. I got the feeling he hadn't thought much about that before, as in, he hadn't consciously recognized the lesson that he had clearly internalized.

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This week, someone posted a photo of something from a book on Twitter. And when I saw it, I smirked. "That's clever," I thought before reading the caption, in which I had been tagged. Because I had written it. It was a quote from my first book which was released in 2017 and I forgot all about it. It has literally* been five-hundred years since that book. It got me thinking about going back to our old works, the lessons we've already learned. The lessons we already created. In the meantime, I'm creating an online course for small businesses, based on the work I do for larger brands. Going back through my writing and work, it's a ridiculous amount of knowledge to sift through. Do you realize how much we have to know to make these decisions seem so simple?

If you've been doing this strategy thing for a while, you've probably already thought about the request that just landed in your inbox. More than once. You might have already written about it, and almost definitely created some slides on it. I've been going back through the archives to remind myself all of the challenges I've already faced, which I believe gives me confidence for the next challenges to come.



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