Moving forward with empathy: Kate O'Neill


Being isolated has been a real challenge for me. I am fortunate to be with my family, but relating to my co-workers and partners only via screens and phones has been taxing. I've always considered myself some kind introvert but now I recognize the energy I get from sharing space and experience with people. This may be the most productive I've ever been at work, and typically such sprints have coincided with periods I remember being happy. For a variety of reasons, this isn't working out that way. We're making things together, but something is missing. The energy of others may signal additional meaning to the work. Needless to say, I'm a little turned around.

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If you're having similar experience, you'll enjoy this chat with Kate O'Neill, author, strategist, futurist and founder of KO Insights. She has been working in technology for more than 25 years, and thinking about the way people relate through it, alongside it and in spite of it. We discuss the luxury of the tools we have at this moment, and the way we may be bending to the tools versus shaping the tools to us, giving them more power as platforms than the intent.

Kate is everywhere. Her brand new show, The Tech Humanist Show is a multi-media-format program exploring how data and technology shape the human experience. You can find it on Twitter or on the YouTube channel. Her newest book, Tech Humanist is a classic.

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