Pacing yourself with Michelle Hickey


Now working from home, I’ve been overwhelmed with two conflicting thoughts which are dueling for mind supremacy.

1. Be productive, always, never stop, there is no excuse to not be working, writing, learning right now.

2. Retreat. Find comfort. Get your work done, and cocoon with your family.

So far, I’ve been very lucky to have several important projects to keep me working and thriving which has been a good distraction from all that’s going on. But I have noticed a tendency to retreat from writing, reading, or other smaller projects that I *thought* I had been waiting for the time to work on.

As I read hustleporn tweets urging me to use isolation to out-work competitors, I wondered, why is my tendency to avoid what I thought was good for me?

I spoke with creative, Michelle Hickey about how she balances productivity in an always-on work from home environment and why we shouldn't feel guilty about our guilty pleasures.

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Transcript available here.