All that inspires Keith Stoeckeler


I’ve been thinking too much, not sure about you. We’re buried by news. Almost all of it, awful. So, I’ve been looking for sources of inspiration, good news, brightness in the dark and other cliches. One of my favorites of the month is this Twitter account that just showcases cool street art. It’s a wonderful testiment to creativity and ingenuity and the person who operates it is prolific. But I can’t help but wonder why the resonance of the bad news still seems to outlasting the good. Perhaps humans are just wired to register threats? Is it sheer volume? Maybe it’s just me? At any rate, this thinking lead me to this conversation you can hear below.

About ten years ago, Keith Stoeckeler bought a domain on Squarespace and started All That Inspires Me, to simply document things that captured his attention on line. After expanding the site to host writing and posts from other voices and growing an audience, he shut the site down. Recently, he decided the time was right to focus on inspiration again. We talk about inspiration and a bit about our current state of affairs in this upbeat conversation.

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