Do you hear what Jessica Lehmann Ash hears?


Since I was in elementary school, I’ve been a little obsessed with how ideas and thinking fit together. Taking concepts from history and applying math to them. Taking concepts from art and applying it to science. Well, applying concepts from art to everything no doubt. Weirdly, I’ve always compartmentalized my personal and professional lives. Discrete little boxes for each.

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Guess what. That’s over. I’m working out of the house and taking work breaks to do art projects with my kids. It’s all connected now. I’m applying lessons from my kids’ homework to my own work, and vice versa. And before any of this started, I got to speak with Jessica Lehmann Ash about how she connects things in her mind. How her work studying music created a model for her thinking and how she applies it today. As strategy lead at Co:Collective, she is still looking for ways to connect what she knows to what she seeks to understand. Jessica folds lessons from seemingly disconnected activities and disciplines into one another to make complex problems simple.

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We talk about the artist Sol LeWitt, and you can see more here:

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