Åsk has been through this before


Something I've been seeking and placing a lot of value in these days is perspective. The news is jarring and disorienting. I've been finding more use and comfort in longer term views, even though those are no more certain when looking forward.

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I've been thinking about the other economic shocks my career has bounced along in. The dot com bust and the 'great recession' (can't we come up with a better nickname for this yet?) we turbulent, and definitely had causes and controls that were beyond my comprehension. The current state of flux has the added variables around public health and uneven leadership at all levels of government.

I wanted to talk to someone else who had the long view. Like me, Åsk Wäppling has been working in advertising since the 90's. On her site Adland, and across the web, she has been meticulously cataloguing the industry. You may know her (as I did for a long time) as @dabitch Who else would have a more interesting perspective on how this might affect the industry? In Åsk's opinion, the changes may be more driven by our individual opinions and choices than by industry mandate.

Imperfect transcript can be found here: http://adampierno.com/ask-has-been-through-all-of-this-before/


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